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Community Outreach

The Hillpost strives to be a campus publication that effectively stewards the trust placed in it by our students and our community. This requires us to act ethically and responsibly in our journalistic endeavors. From everyday writing to community events, the Hillpost adheres to a high standard of accountability for ourselves, our readers, and the public. Our social responsibility is great, and we intend to live up to it.

The Hillpost offers community outreach programs available to educators and our campus. These include:

Bring a Journalist to School

Are you a middle school or high school teacher? We encourage our student staff to volunteer in their communities and are available to help your classroom. Whether it’s promoting journalism as an impactful career, highlighting the importance of free press, or assisting your school’s yearbook or newspaper for an afternoon, our staff are available to help.

Free Speech Week

A new tradition, Free Speech Week is a national celebration held annually to recognize the important freedoms we derive from the First Amendment. From the right to free press, right to assemble, and right to express oneself, the Hillpost, in collaboration with student organizations, coordinates this celebration each October and includes events such as a poetry slam, film festival, and guest speakers.